A cost effective, environmentally friendly, technological breakthrough in soil stabilsation, for building roads in 5 easy steps.

Road construction
Road Building Road Construction Pavement layer design Recycled asphalt Foundation layer


of a
homogeneous layer


Application of RBI Grade 81 powder at a pre-determined dosage


Application of water to moisten material and activate RBI Grade 81 chemical reaction


Mixing of the moisten material and RBI Grade 81 in preparation for compaction

Shaping and compaction

Shaping the road to final level and camber and final compaction

RBI Grade 81 meets the requirement for a well-proven, reliable and very cost-effective method by creating a strong and irreversible impermeable layer resistant to adverse climatic conditions, from very high temperatures to permafrost conditions, and accommodating all vehicular loads. RBI Grade 81 is environmentally friendly and emphasises the use of recycled material, recognising the lack of readily available resources.

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